George Strait Smiles At Grandson’s Adorable Antics During Family Event

George Strait Smiles At Grandson’s Adorable Antics During Family Event | Country Music Videos

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George The Grandpa

To George Strait, family is everything. In addition to being one of country music’s biggest stars, George is a devoted husband and family man. No matter where he goes or what he does, his family is never far behind.

In 2012, George got to add the title of “grandpa” to his resume when his son Bubba and daughter-in-law Tamara welcomed their first child. They named the little boy George Harvey Strait III, after his father and grandfather. But today, they simply call him “Harvey.”

Bubba and Tamara welcomed their second child in 2016, a beautiful baby girl named Jillian. George announced his granddaughter’s arrival on his website with a joyous announcement.

He’s A Certified Cowboy

When he isn’t busy performing at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, George tries to get in as much family time as he can. That’s what he did when he attended the George Strait Team Roping Classic in San Antonio, Texas.

The Team Roping Classic is an annual event hosted by George and his family.

One of the main highlights is the roping chute auction, which takes place on the second day. During the auction, George or one of his family members will keep bidding on the chute until they win. But in a surprising move, George will give the chute back, and a second round of bidding will begin.

It turns out that all proceeds raised from the auction are eventually donated to charity. That’s why George places the initial bid on the chute, to help drive up the amount of the donation.

George had an adorable assistant to help him out at the auction…Harvey.

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The Cutest Thing…

When his grandpa gave him the signal, Harvey would throw his hand up in the air, signaling his family’s intention to bid.

Anyone watching could feel Harvey’s excitement as he waited for permission to raise his hand. George couldn’t stop laughing as he watched him, and we can’t blame him!

Scroll down below to catch the video of this precious interaction between a grandpa and his grandson. Like George, you won’t be able to stop smiling while you watch Harvey!

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