Goat Hysterically Clucking Like A Chicken Will Blow Your Mind

MissPazzissima Youtube

One goat was clearly having a massive identity crisis when he traded in his typical “bahh” for the hilarious cluck of your average farm chicken! 

One nearby individual was quick to act, whipping out a camera and recording the baffling moment as others swarmed to see the astonishing talent. With his retro bangs draped over his eyes, the goat’s tongue was protruding from his mouth as he hysterically imitated the multi-noted sound of a cluck!

Jumping from low to high, the goat continued to play with the noise and channel his inner hen, drawing laughter and awe from him unsuspecting crowd. “Bock bock bock bock,” the goat quickly chirped, gradually making his once monotoned sound fluctuate from various pitches.

We’re sure you’ll be just as baffled by this unbelievable skill! Be sure to check out the video below!  

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