Goat Waves Back At Children At UK’s White Post Farm

Goat Waves Back At Children At UK’s White Post Farm | Country Music Videos

WhitePostFarm/ Youtube

One friendly goat gave a group of young children an experience they’ll never forget when he hopped onto his fence and shared an adorable farewell!

Darren, the waving goat of White Post Farm, is known for his friendly personality and polite gestures that he showcases to the location’s visitors.

These children were able to enjoy this animal’s hospitality first hand when they collectively gave the goat a friendly wave before their departure.

White Post Farm / YouTube

As they all began to wave their hands and bid farewell to the goat, he quickly leaned atop the wooden fence and began to evenly shake his hoof in a waving motion.

“Bye, Darren,” the kids yelled to the goat who was eagerly sending them off with a warm memory to wrap up their tour. Before heading onto their next endeavor, the cameraman asked the kids which of them would want to feed the friendly farm animal.

“Me!” they collectively screamed, ready to reward their new buddy for his kindness.

Be sure to watch the hilarious video below.

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