Goats Massive Leap Turns Into Epic Fail That Will Have You Laughing

Goats Massive Leap Turns Into Epic Fail That Will Have You Laughing | Country Music Videos

DailyPicksandFlicks/ Youtube


One tenacious goat may have bitten off more than he could chew when his expectations for a massive leap literally fell short. Aligning his body to match that of a tire placed before him, the large goat stood on an elevated platform as he anticipated a leap that would clear the planted object.

However, life is full of unexpected plot twists, as this furry friend discovered in perhaps one of the funniest ways possible. As he attempted to kick off from the platform, the goat’s hooves slide and quickly lost their grip. Falling head first, the uncoordinated animal rammed into the car tire and plopped to the floor with a less than par attempt at greatness. 

The individual recording the comical moment let out an airy laugh as a nearby man strolled over to the goat to give a bit of encouragement and a slap on the butt for effort. Still, that’s “goat” to hurt!

Check out the hilarious clip below!  

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