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Guy Effortlessly Makes Epic Beer Pong Shot With Golf Club

Guy Effortlessly Makes Epic Beer Pong Shot With Golf Club | Country Music Videos
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Beer Pong: An American-claimed drinking game showcased at almost every frat party you've been to that every player swears they're the best at! 

Well, this young man doesn't have much more to prove after successfully making an incredible shot using a golf club, deeming him the most creative and skilled player we've ever seen! 

Initially joined by another teammate, our main man is seen volleying a ping pong ball back and forth using a golf club! Yes, you heard us right! However, this seemingly strange combination of hobbies only gets more interesting as the featured talent continues to wow us with his amazing talent!

It's not until the guy volleys the ping pong ball from his neck to the golf club that he casually hits the balls into a perfect airborne loop and lands it directly into the red solo cup! Upon making the legendary shot, our beer pong idol drops his golf club and celebrates his glorious victory in a surprisingly calm manner! 

Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but we call dibs on making him our next beer pong partner!

Check this video out for yourselves! We couldn't believe it either! 

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