Guy Gives Hysterical Twist To Country Hit With ‘A Little More Hungry Than That’

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Appealing to the inner foodies in all of us, one man twisted a country hit to create a hilarious song about his love for food that will have you rolling in laughter! Songwriter Geoff Allen took Easton Corbin’s hit “I’m A Little More Country Than That” and revamped the tune into a personal rant on all the moments that his relentless hunger wasn’t filled! 

Titling his parody “I”m A Little More Hungry Than That”, Allen kicked off his performance by digging through his fridge for a hearty meal, subsequently singing, “Imagine a buffet/ Full of free steak/ A turn of hot wings and a parfait/ With a cheese and bacon wrap/ I’m a little more hungry than that.” 

The singer continues to send viewers in a whirlwind of laughter as he lyrically threatens his waiter to leave his plate behind, seeing that the he hasn’t yet soaked up the gravy from his meal! 

The video continues with Allen scavenging throughout his house and pantry for an adequate snack to fill his cravings, transitioning his lyrics to various desserts that he could find himself satisfied with. From Ding-Dongs to bear claws, this hungry man is broadening his list to just about anything! 

Wearing his “I love naps” shirt proudly, Allen ends his video by accidentally dropping a variety of cereals and snacks onto the floor, calling out to his wife, “Honey, something fell!” 

You can listen to this fantastically written parody below!  

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