Home Free Honors Dads With A Cappella Cover Of Zac Brown Band’s ‘My Old Man’

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The guys in country a cappella group Home Free are no strangers to covering songs by the Zac Brown Band. They once performed the group’s emotional hit “Colder Weather” during their time on The Sing-Off. A few years later, they released an official music video for their arrangement of the song.

Home Free has another Zac Brown Band cover to share with their fans. The guys also opted to perform the group’s song, “My Old Man.”

“My Old Man” is inspired by Brown‘s relationship with his father. Brown served as one of the song’s co-writers, and filled the lyrics by talking about all of the examples that his father set for him while he was growing up. As he sings, “I can still remember every lesson he taught me. Growing up learning how to be like my old man.”

As we’ve seen in the past with their cover of “Colder Weather,” Home Free’s sound lends itself well to covers of the Zac Brown Band’s songs. Such is especially the case when it comes to their cover of “My Old Man.” 

Tenor harmony singer Rob Lundquist and bass singer Tim Foust each sing a solo, but the majority of the song is covered by the whole group at once. Just wait until you hear them hit the chorus. Their harmonies from that point forward are chill-inducing.

Home Free also released a new music video to go along with their cover of “My Old Man.” The video honors hard-working dads everywhere, as it follows a father going about his daily tasks on a farm. After breaking his back all day, he sits down to dinner with his family while his son watches him with admiration.

Later, the son joins his dad in performing various chores around the farm. It’s clear that he looks up to his “old man” and wants to grow up to be just like him.

The guys in Home Free have wowed us yet again with another spectacular cover. You can catch it in the video below. It’s one that’s sure to tug at your heartstrings a bit.

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