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Horse Spots His Owner Across The Pen, And He CAN'T Contain His Excitement!

Animals Songs | Horse Spots His Owner Across The Pen, And He CAN'T Contain His Excitement! | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Rumble

Pets share a special connection with their owners, which is why they miss them when they leave. Whenever a pet and its person are reunited, whether they've been a part for five minutes or five months, the moment is always a joyful one.  

Like many pets, horses develop close friendships with their owners. When it comes to one woman and her horse, he gives a whole new meaning to the term "trusty steed."

While enjoying some time outside in his pen, the beautiful black horse happened to spot his owner on the other side of the pen. The mere sight of his friend filled the horse with so much excitement that he took off at a full gallop to reach her!

"There he goes!" the horse's owner exclaimed, as the horse galloped so fast he actually hopped in the air a little bit. 

Once the horse came around to face his friend, he slowed down and trotted over to her side. She was waiting for him with a treat and a loving embrace, and he accepted both gladly.

"He's a happy boy!" the horse's owner said, and based on the way he reacted when he saw her, we have to agree.

You can watch the too cute moment in the video below! 

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