Horse Walks Up To Little Boy With Rare Disorder & Leaves His Mom Speechless

Horse Walks Up To Little Boy With Rare Disorder & Leaves His Mom Speechless | Country Music Videos

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Erez was just four-year-old when his mother filmed this shocking interaction with a giant horse.

The encounter was a first between these two and one that will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.

Erez is just one of 150 patients with Williams Syndrome in Israel and as such, faces difficulty learning how to make contact with people and animals in the right way.

“One of the problems among patients with the disorder is the right contact,” His mother writes in the translated description on YouTube. “They are very loving…and enjoy the attention, but often do not know how to contact the right way.”

The video shows that Erez made first contact with the horse, and the horse responds with curiosity and understanding. There is a slight bit of concern, but the gentle giant remains calm and allows the child to pet it, even nuzzling it a bit!

Watch this incredible interaction between this loving little boy and compassionate horse in the video below!

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