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Hunky Farm Boys Turn ‘Fresh Prince’ Theme Song Into Redneck Masterpiece

Viral content Songs | Hunky Farm Boys Turn ‘Fresh Prince’ Theme Song Into Redneck Masterpiece | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Peterson Farm Bros

While life on the farm can grow repetitive and incredibly demanding, these strapping brothers chose to make the best of their homegrown roots with an insanely creative parody. Replicating the iconic song from the 90s hit show The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, these boys gave this performance a farmer twist with their original piece "A Fresh Breath Of Farm Air"

Opening their video with their exit from a massive Dodge pick up, these farm boys jump straight into their hilarious play on words. They sing, "Now this is a story all about how our life is spent wiping sweat off our brow! And we'd like to take a minute just to stop and say what goes down on the farm on a typical day." As promised, the farmers walk us through their incredibly strenuous and hands on encounters that transpire throughout their working hours! "In central Kansas, born and raised, on the family farm is where we spent most of our days," sing the boys in a striking similar fashion as previous rapper Will Smith.

As expected, this video has no shortage of farm content and an endless amount of tractor shots. As their day nears the end, the boys end their performance with a heartwarming, "We pull out of the yard about 7 or 8 and we yell to the cows, 'Yo steers, smell ya later!' We gaze on the farm with a peaceful stare as we all take in a fresh breath of farm air."  

Check out this creatively and undeniably funny video! 

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