Husband Completes Dying Wife’s Bucket List By Performing As Elvis

Husband Completes Dying Wife’s Bucket List By Performing As Elvis | Country Music Videos

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Diagnosed with terminal cancer, her final wish was something that only he could do for her and he made sure that it came true. 

Meeting for the first time in high school, Mark Shelton was known for performing as Elvis Presley for various reasons – and his future wife Lisa took notice of that. 

After high school, Mark enlisted in the U.S. Army and Lisa chose college, but nothing could keep them apart forever. They found each other again in the mid-2000s and the spark between them instantly lit a fire. 

Marrying in 2014, the couple received devastating news just three days after they tied the knot. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer. 

“I believe that it was always the plan for Mark and [I] to be together,” Lisa said in a statement to ABC News. “We went different directions…but God gets his way and I thank him that he brought us back together and right at the time when I needed Mark the most.”

Following the diagnosis, Mark wanted to ensure that his beloved bride was able to do anything she wanted, so he asked her – “If I could give you anything, what would you want to do?” 

Her answer came as a shock to him. “Well, I’m content but if I could have anything I’d regret not seeing you perform the music of Elvis Presley the way you did in high school – with the jumpsuit and all that.”  

There was nothing that would hold Mark back from giving her that wish, no matter the cost – and so he resolved to lose an incredible amount of weight in order to do the performance justice!

In just a year, Mark went from almost 400 lbs. to less than half of that! Throughout that same time, he was meticulously planning the Elvis tribute performance of a lifetime. 

With more than 4 months of practice, Mark began selling tickets to the performance to support her cancer treatments and quickly sold out two shows and delivered the gift of a lifetime to his beautiful wife. 

I have never been loved like this before,” Lisa said to the news outlet. “I just thank god every day — you’re going to make me cry — that this man has married me and he loves me. I feel totally secure in his love and no matter what happens he’ll always be there with me. And that gives me peace.

Watch this stunning performance from a loving and devoted husband to his dying wife in the video below. 

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