If Trace Was A Superhero….What Super Power Would He Choose?

If Trace Was A Superhero….What Super Power Would He Choose? | Country Music Videos

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We’ve all wondered that exact question, one of the biggest ‘what ifs’ that has existed since the days when comic books were the only way to see our favorite superheroes rescue their city from impending doom. 

Well, in a hilarious and surprising “CMT Minute” video, Trace Adkins goes head-to-head with some crazy puppets answering questions about random parts of life…and one of those quick-fire questions has Trace revealing his choice of superpower! 

Known for his incredibly powerful baritone voice and dazzling skills as a musician, Trace has always been a fan-favorite performer everywhere he goes – drawing massive crowds to his boot-stomping, heart-pounding, country concerts. 

But what if he was known for saving the world from super-villains on the daily? What would SuperTrace’s powers be? 

As Trace confesses to CMT, if he were a superhero and could choose one superpower, he would choose to fly! 

Admittedly, that’s the choice we would have made too…because who DOESN’T want to have the ability to fly? You’d never have to worry about getting anywhere on time, and you’d be able to save people from situations that often take a while to reach (and even the occasional cat stuck in a tree!). 

Watch this hilarious 60-second quiz with Trace below and let us know what YOU would choose for a superpower in the comments! 

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