Jeff Foxworthy Sends Randy Travis To Tears of Laughter With Hysterical Skit

Jeff Foxworthy Sends Randy Travis To Tears of Laughter With Hysterical Skit | Country Music Videos

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While RandyTravis‘ 1 Night. 1 Place. 1 Time: A Heroes & Friends Tribute was filled with phenomenal talent and a plethora of emotions, comedian Jeff Foxworthy was a pro at lightening the mood and giving audience members a moment of pure laughter!

Travis and his wife Mary sat on the edge of the stage, attentively following the comedian’s story as he quickly put them in side-splitting laughter! Foxworthy recalled on an unfortunate event in which he was in relentless pain due to a kidney stone. After explaining his frightening trip to his doctor that left him utterly terrified of the seemingly painful and very invasive male procedure, Foxworthy explained that he put all of his faith into guzzling cranberry juice and praying for a miracle. 

As he continued to share endless laughs with his crowd, Foxworthy reveals the hysterical events that transpired in which his kidney stone finally dislodged and exited his body!

“When I saw [the stone] about to go down the [toilet] hole, I panicked… I stuck my arm in that warm toilet and I grabbed that thing and I pulled it out!… I went to the mantel, I took down my People’s Choice Award and I put it up there…” 

We can’t stop laughing at this skit, and neither could Randy! Click the video below for the same endless laughs!  

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