Jerry Reed Joins Wife & Daughters To Sing ‘This Little Light Of Mine’ In Undated Clip

Jerry Reed Joins Wife & Daughters To Sing ‘This Little Light Of Mine’ In Undated Clip | Country Music Videos

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Meet Jerry’s Talented Singing Daughters

It isn’t unusual for the children of country singers to end up following in their parents’ famous footsteps.

Jerry Reed‘s daughters, Seidina and Lottie, did just that, adding further to his immense legacy. 

Since Jerry was one of the greatest singers, songwriters, and guitarists in country music, there’s no doubting that the Reed household was always full of music. Other than Jerry, his wife Priscilla and his two daughters both sang, proving that music truly was in the family. 

A Family Gathering In Song

An undated clip shows the entire Reed family on the set of a television show some years ago. Lottie was only a little girl at the time, and was the picture of sweetness in a light blue dress and white apron reminiscent of Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

Jerry proudly introduced his family, revealing that little Lottie would have a featured part in their performance.

After kissing each of his daughters on the cheek, Jerry moved into playing an upbeat ditty on his guitar that turned out to be the opening to the beloved gospel song “This Little Light of Mine.”

The entire family sang together for most of the song, and they looked like they were having a blast. Jerry’s daughters got their chance to shine in the middle of the performance, as Seidina sang while Lottie helped out by saying the first word of each line.

Jerry had a big smile on his face the entire time they were singing. It’s clear that he was proud of his two girls for being such seasoned performers for being so young!

Tune in below to watch this priceless clip of the Reed family singing “This Little Light of Mine.” We love watching families sing together like this, don’t you? 

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