Jimmy Fallon Makes Audience Roar With His Spot On Johnny Cash Impression

Jimmy Fallon Makes Audience Roar With His Spot On Johnny Cash Impression | Country Music Videos

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There’s no mistaking Johnny Cash‘s voice for anyone else’s. He is well-known for his deep, raw sound, one that is completely unique to him and him alone. 

Of course, many people have tried to imitate Cash’s signature sound, which is a tricky art. But it seems that Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has mastered his impression of “The Man in Black.”

Fallon invited singer Céline Dion on to his show to play a game called “Musical Impressions.” One of them would press a button that would generate the name of a singer they would have to impersonate while singing a popular song. Dion went first, and she had to do her best impression of Cher while singing “Frère Jacques.” She set the bar high when it came time for Fallon’s turn, but he was up to the challenge.

After Fallon showcased his impression of Michael Jackson singing “One Dance,” Dion sang “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” in the voice of pop singer Rihanna.

Then Fallon pushed the button to spin the generator and got Cash’s name. But when his song came up, the audience couldn’t help but laugh. It was “C is for Cookie,” which became famous as Cookie Monster’s signature song on the children’s show Sesame Street

No one knew what to expect with those two requirements, but Fallon delivered. His impression of Cash was surprisingly spot on, and he managed to work the song in a way that made it sound like something Cash would have performed.

Fallon’s impression of Cash was the one that got the loudest response from the crowd, as they roared with cheers and applause. We think he was more than deserving of such a response! You can judge for yourself in the clip below. 

We hope this isn’t the last we hear of Fallon’s impression of Cash, because it was equal parts hysterical and impressive!

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