Just Released: Trace Adkins’ New Song ‘Something’s Going On’ Has Everything Going On

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When Trace Adkins revealed his plans to release his first album since 2013, fans were beyond thrilled. Bit by bit, Adkins started to share more information about the highly-anticipated record, titled Something’s Going On

We learned that the first single off of Adkins’ upcoming project is titled “Watered Down.” The song recognizes the fact that no matter how old we get, we’ll always have a bit of that wild streak inside of us, only more “watered down” than before.

Since then, Adkins has debuted a few other new songs off of the record, including the patriotic “Still a Soldier” and the heart-tugging “If Only You Were Lonely.” Now, we finally have the album’s title track, “Something’s Going On.”

Written by Chris Cavanaugh and Mark Stephen Jones, “Something’s Going On” carries a hint of seduction in its lyrics. Adkins sings about an attractive woman who has started painting her lips “a little darker shade of red” and has been “wearing higher heels and tighter skirts.” This naturally sparks Adkins curiosity, as he sings in the chorus:

“She’s never been good at keeping secrets. I’m gonna get down to the bottom of this. Turn down the lights and spend the whole night figuring out all I should. Yeah something’s going on, and it sure feels good.”

Adkins’ newly-released lyric video for “Something’s Going On” is as smokin’ hot as the song itself. The video shows the silhouette of a beautiful woman, as she dances and sways along to the rhythm of the music. Adding to the smoldering nature of the video, the woman’s silhouette sometimes transforms to take on the shape of flames.

It looks and sounds like Adkins has everything going on in “Something’s Going On.” Ladies be warned, once you tune in to the song’s lyric video below you may find yourself feeling a bit weak in the knees.

The full Something’s Going On album will make its debut on March 31. If you can’t wait to snag your copy, be sure to pre-order the album now so you get it the instant it comes out! You can pre-order the album here.

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