Kellie Pickler Debuts Tear-Jerking New Song Inspired By Her Late Grandmother

Kellie Pickler Debuts Tear-Jerking New Song Inspired By Her Late Grandmother | Country Music Videos

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Growing up, Kellie Pickler was primarily raised by her paternal grandparents, Faye and Clyde Raymond Pickler Sr. Kellie was especially close to her grandmother, who she has often cited as one of her greatest inspirations in life. 

Faye has also helped inspire an emotional new song of Kellie’s. Titled “If It Wasn’t for a Woman,” Kellie debuted the emotional piece during her performance at the CMA Music Fest in June.

Co-written by Kellie, her husband Kyle Jacobs, and songwriter Brian Bunn, every word in the song captures the spirit of grandma Faye. Kellie reveals how her grandma helped shape her into the woman she is today:

“If it wasn’t for a woman, teachin’ me wrong from right, prayin’ for me at night…I’d be half the woman I am, if it wasn’t for a woman.

Another part of the song addresses how much Kellie has missed her grandmother since she passed away. Faye was diagnosed with lung cancer in January 2002, and died the morning after she learned of her diagnosis.

Kellie was devastated over the loss of her grandmother, who she described as “the woman I called mom.” Her longing for Faye’s guidance translates into “If It Wasn’t for a Woman,” as she sings about how she still hears her voice at times:

“Sometimes when I miss her, I can still hear her sweet words, ‘I love you, be safe.'”

A fan captured a video of Kellie singing “If It Wasn’t for a Woman” at the CMA Music Fest, so now the entire world can listen to the touching song. The video was filmed from far away, but you can still tell that Kellie was visibly emotional as she sang about her beloved grandmother.

Go ahead and scroll down below to catch Kellie’s moving performance of “If It Wasn’t for a Woman.” 

Hopefully Kellie will include this song on one of her future albums. We’re sure it would mean a lot to her fans if she did.

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