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Kellie Pickler Leaves Ellen Speechless With Hilarious Story Of Getting Pulled Over

Modern country Songs | Kellie Pickler Leaves Ellen Speechless With Hilarious Story Of Getting Pulled Over | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: TheEllenShow/ Youtube

The hilarious Kellie Pickler took to The Ellen Show to let host Ellen DeGeneres and her audience in on a law-breaking experience that had the venue bursting into laughter. 

Ellen kicked off her 2010 interview with the southern belle by asking her if she's maintained a clean record and had been keeping herself out of trouble. Pickler excitedly admitted to the host, "I thought I was gonna go to jail the other day," prompting the comedian to encourage the hilarious story that was soon to follow.

Setting the scene, Pickler admitted to the audience that she had partaken in a photoshoot, occupying the majority of her day and mandating that she stay until the late evening. The "Best Days Of Your Life" singer began to talk about her drive home from the shoot, reminiscing on the stop sign that stood before her and her way home. "So, I did one of those 'tap and gos', where you... kinda stop, but you [don't]." She joked, "Why you are gonna come to a complete stop when their ain't nobody for miles. It's just a waste of gas!"

It was then that an undercover police officer noticed the singer's lack of a stop, prompting him to pull her over. As if the story couldn't perhaps get any funnier being told from Pickler's perspective, she admitted that she was overcome with embarrassment when she pulled out her driver's license that was "scotched taped together" after a dryer incident had left the card in two. 

"He didn't give me a ticket, but all those police officers came up because they wanted to get a picture," she admitted. However, it seems this gal enjoys wearing her comfy pajamas and slippers to her photoshoots, leaving for a cozy photo these officers are sure to never forget. 

You can watch the hilarious depiction from Pickler below! 

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