Kenny Chesney Explosively Slams Materialism In Fiery New Music Video

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Country music star Kenny Chesney had fans reeling when his recent music video led viewers to question their happiness and aspirations in life. Compiling a stellar video account for his chilling single “Rich and Miserable”, Chesney tackled the societal implementations that push our desires onto us, profoundly assuring that the things we need are materialistic and will ensure our immediate happiness.

Recruiting John C. McGinley to deliver an incredibly explosive speech, the music video kicks off in a college classroom in which McGinley is desperately trying to convey the harsh reality of success to his students. Challenging his class to think outside the societal box, McGinley asked his students to put aside the items and opportunities they felt life owed them and insisted, “I want you to think about you will give.” The students are given an assignment to reveal the good they intend to share with the world on the board, prompting Chesney’s eye-opening tune to fill the scene and completely transform the sequence.

The fiery hit addresses the mental epidemic swarming society, insisting the the more money we have the happier we become. “Go to school to get a job/ Don’t make enough to pay it off/ And on and on it goes/ Right wing blue jean, gotta get the new thing/ Whatever it takes to make the world look at you,” he explodes.

The song’s chorus is nothing short of powerful as Chesney laments, We’re too young until we’re too old/ We’re all lost on the yellow brick road/ We climb the ladder but the ladder just grows/ We’re born, we work, we die, it’s spiritual/ Enough is never enough/ American dream never wakes up.” 

The “grab life by the horns” mentality resonated deeply with listeners struggling to accept the societal conflict of being rich and elite or having the opportunity to truly enjoy your life and create memories rather than stress.

Chesney wrote to his fans, “For ‘Rich and Miserable’, it felt like it was addressing so many of the things we’re sold and told about what makes us happy, or what we’re supposed to want or are expected to do. I didn’t want that message getting lost, so we decided to skip a video on some of the singles and do this instead.”

Be sure to take a look at the unbelievable music video that is sure to leave you pondering and reevaluating your former thought process.  

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