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Kitten Surprises Toddler For Christmas...But She Has No Idea

Kitten Surprises Toddler For Christmas...But She Has No Idea | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: YouTube/Heather Brookner

One of the most viral Christmas present openings this year is also the cutest you'll ever see! 

As popular mommy blogger, Heather Brooker, says "sometimes when you plan things, they don't end up the way you thought they would" and that's exactly what happened this holiday season when she and her husband decided to surprise their three-year-old daughter with a kitten!

"For months my husband and I have been planning to give our daughter a cat for Christmas," Brooker writes on her blog. "We checked out our local shelters and rescue groups to see how much the adoption fees and initial costs would be then made our decision. We had talked about ways we could surprise her with it and settled on letting her “open” it as a gift on Christmas morning."

So it had been settled. They chose to give it in a loosely-taped box to their daughter on Christmas Day, but the cute little kitten had other ideas! 

As their daughter is sitting on the floor playing with some of her other presents, they bring out the box with the kitten in it, sealed with just two loose bows. 

When she goes to open the box, she focuses so much on gently putting the bows on the ground that she doesn't even notice the kitten hop right out of the open box in front of her! 

The little toddler is shocked that her parents would give her an empty box for Christmas but her family can't help but howl from laughter at the present calamity!

Her new little kitten darts around the room a bit and her mom points out where the cat is before she finally realizes she just got a kitten! 

Watch this adorable and viral video below! 

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