Larry The Cable Guy’s Hysterical Fairy Tale Rendition Stunned Listening Children

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Blue Collar TV‘s favorite redneck Larry the Cable Guy was never one to shy away from a joke, using the misfortunate or comedy of one to bring laughter to many more despite any fear of offending an individual. The comedian left no one safe, poking fun at all genders, races, political preferences, and even himself! 

Perhaps one of our favorite segments, Larry would often take to his masterful arm chair surrounded with eager children as he presented them with a typical fairytale story. However, the stories were often twisted in a more “politically correct” manner, as Larry lamented, “Now in this country I guess fairytales are too offensive for the kids.” He begins to read the politically correct version of Little Red Riding Hood, renaming this story Vertically Challenged Native American Riding Hood and the Endangered Wolf, to a crowd that is absolutely ridden with laughter and tears. 

“Once upon a time, Vertically Challenged Native American Riding Hood wanted to take a vacation at her chronologically advanced grandma’s house. On the way, she ran into a wolf that had recently been on the endangered species list,” he charismatically read. Although the children seemed quite confused, the adults were rolling with laughter! Larry begins to explain the encounter that the little girl has with the endangered wolf, as the animal sends her to a short cut through “a federally protected wetland”, hysterically explaining that the little girl was “fined for disturbing the fragile ecosystem.”

The politically correct fairytale grows in comedy, as Larry states, “This book is full of tree huggers and tofu fartin’ fairies!” Although the hilarious comedian gives us his alternative ending in which the wolf becomes a pile of delicious wolf steaks for dinner, the audience is consumed by laughter at both modified versions of their childhood bedtime story! 

Listen to the video below! 

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