Little Boy Unexpectedly Catches Large Fish With Toy Fishing Rod

Glamour Bazar/ Facebook

One little boy was grinning and giggling when his small, toy fishing rod hooked a fish that was almost taller than he was! Young Kasen only needed to cast his line one time to snag a big-time winner, as his father excitedly yelled, “Reel it in!”

Sporting adorable blue and green velcro sneakers,  Kasen began to carefully reel in his catch as his father quickly approached him and offered assistance. “Keep reeling it! Look at it jumping,” his father excitedly screamed!

The big fish wiggled while the little boy giggled, in awe of his catch-of-the-day.

“I got one!” Kasen exclaimed.  Offering just a little bit of help, Dad was determined to let young Kasen reel in the catch, giving verbal instructions while proudly watching his son reel in his instant catch independently.

As the line reached the shore and dragged the fish onto land, Kasen beamed with joy. Next up, of course, was a photo-op for the little boy and his big fish. With help from his dad, he posed with his catch for an unforgettable snap.

Glamour Bazar / Facebook

You won’t want to miss out on this heartwarming video!

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