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Little Girl Adorably Lectures Her Father On Leaving The Toilet Seat Up

Little Girl Adorably Lectures Her Father On Leaving The Toilet Seat Up | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: The LAD Bible

This little girl has had enough of her dad's nonsense!

"How many times do I have to tell you?" the young girl sternly asks her father. "When you put the seat up...Put it down for me."

The toilet seat controversy has been driving a wedge between males and females since the invention of the porcelain throne. Women want the seat to remain in its rightful spot while men stand firm in their stronghold that women can easily put the seat back themselves. 

"Well, I mean," responds the father to his daughter's lecture. "You just gotta put it down," to which the young girl fires back with "I don't want to!"

The pair find themselves unable to reach a compromise and the video ends with no resolution to the very serious matter at hand. 

You can watch the adorable lecture in the video below and be sure to let us know whose side you're on in the comments! 

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