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Little Girl's Perfect Animal Impressions Left Steve Harvey Speechelss

Little Girl's Perfect Animal Impressions Left Steve Harvey Speechelss | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Youtube/LittleBigShots

Steve Harvey had no idea what he was in for when this little girl donning triple Gold medals walked across the stage of hit series "Little Big Shots". After many failed attempts to guess what secret talent the adorable little girl possesses, she releases her perfect impression of a rooster.

"So you got all these medals 'cause you do animal calls?" the host asked once he composed himself. "You're like a champion animal caller?"

Young Lily then goes on to reveal she's the three time back-to-back animal calling champion. Harvey decides to put her talent to the test. After being given an animal to impersonate, Lily must then deliver her impression that animal well enough for Harvey to guess what it is solely based on her call. 

The young girl went on to perfectly execute her impression of a dolphin, a horse, and a parrot. During her parrot impression, adorable little Lily hilariously said, "Mr. Harvey's mustache is fake," sparking hysterical banter between the two. 

She initially discovered her gift when she was only 3 years old at a marine park with her family. When they came across the dolphin exhibit she started doing dolphin calls, her family was stunned by the insane accuracy of their child's delivery. 

You can watch the hilarious video below!

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