Luke Bryan Brings Baby On Stage…And The Baby Is Not Pleased

Luke Bryan Brings Baby On Stage…And The Baby Is Not Pleased | Country Music Videos

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As a father to two boys, Luke Bryan has a soft spot in his heart for children. He often brings young kids up on the stage during his concerts and has them sing or dance with him. 

So when Bryan spotted an adorable baby in the crowd at his show in Wheatland, California on November 3, he knew he had to meet the little guy. He asked for his parents to pass the baby forward, which they did.

But by the time the baby got to Bryan, he was a little bit scared. That fear turned into tears, though Bryan handled the whole situation in stride.

Bryan’s fatherly instincts kicked in as he wiped the child’s tears away. He even tried to soothe him by giving him a kiss on the forehead, which had many people in the crowd going “awww!”

Despite Bryan’s best efforts, the baby was not the least bit pleased. He began crying even harder, and after that Bryan felt like maybe it was best to hand him back to his parents.

But before that, Bryan decided to give the little guy the chance to make his musical debut. He got the idea to take his microphone and hold it in front of the baby, and sure enough, he wailed right into it.

On that note, Bryan gladly passed the baby back to his parents. He remarked how nice it was to be able to do that, saying, “That’s the best part about [other people’s] babies, is you can give them back!

Everyone chuckled at that, but they really got a good laugh out of what Bryan said next. After all, it was the thought that we’re sure they all had on their minds.

And who the h— brought a baby by the way?” Bryan quipped. That’s a good question!

You can tune in to the video below to watch the hilarity that unfolds after Bryan welcomes his pint-sized fan up on the stage with him! The kid may not have appreciated that moment then, but we’re sure he will one day!

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