Tony Stewart Saves Man’s Life In Unexpected Way

Tony Stewart Saves Man’s Life In Unexpected Way | Country Music Videos

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When you see a crash on the track, usually medical people are rushing to the site, but not often do you see those first responders crash as well – a situation that could have deadly implications. 

Just recently, racing team first responder, Jay Masur was responding to a crash at Badland’s Motor Speedway in South Dakota when he encountered a horrifying situation…and he says he owes his life to Tony Stewart

While responding on the dirt track, Masur lost control of his four-wheeler and flew from the ATV, landing hard on the ground as his vehicle rolled away. 

Masur tells Keloland that the only reason he survived the crash is due to Tony Stewart lending a helping hand. 

Several years ago, Masur was working in Oscaloosa, Iowa at an event Stewart was competing in when Stewart crashed and Masur was first on the scene. 

Stewart himself stated that Masur’s efforts were his own saving grace, and in return he purchased top-of-the-line equipment for Masur and his team. Equipment that Masur was wearing when he was involved in his crash at Badland’s.

“I believe I swerved to miss something and flew off the four wheeler and ended up hitting my head pretty hard,” Masur stated, adding “I believe this helmet probably saved my life, there’s no doubt.”

If he hadn’t been wearing the helmet, Masur is certain that his injuries would have been severe – and likely severe enough to claim his life. 

“We all feel like, we’re bullet proof, we all feel, in the jobs we do, it can’t happen to us, because we’re pretty good at our stuff, but no matter how much we prepare, how much we plan, things happen, and at the end of the day, love your family, treat every day like it’s the last day on earth, because it may be,” he concluded. “We saved [Tony’s] life and I truly believe he had a huge part in saving mine.”

Masur doesn’t have any recollection of the accident, but did reach out to witnesses and determined that he had swerved to avoid a collision with another rescuer that was responding. Apparently, his head left an indentation on the track. 

Watch Masur’s full story below.

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