Man Learns Painful Lesson When He Stands Before A Rolling Hay Bale

Man Learns Painful Lesson When He Stands Before A Rolling Hay Bale | Country Music Videos

Zoigos/ Youtube

One man was given a painful wake up call when his decision to stand before a rolling hay bale had him flipping through the air like a rag doll! 

Standing towards the center of a hill, the dare devil wasn’t aware of the painful outcome he was about to endure, eagerly awaiting the massive hay bale hastily rolling downhill. As the object grew closer and faster, the man braced for impact, only to be aggressively slammed and thrown into the air.

Flying downhill alongside the hay, the man was flung a hefty distance as his body rolled into the air before he abrasively landed directly on his back. He friends rushed to his side, noticing that the impact of the land had shaken their friend and ultimately knocked the wind right out of his body.

Fortunately, nobody was injured during this stunt. However, we’re sure this isn’t an idea that these men will consider resurrecting again. But, hay, we’ve gotta learn somehow!

You can watch the cringe-worthy video below.  


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