Men Use Guitar To Sing Food Order, But No One Expected The Employee To Do This

Men Use Guitar To Sing Food Order, But No One Expected The Employee To Do This | Country Music Videos

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Two musicians took their skills and instrument down to their local Taco Bell and blew their staff away with their hysterical “Fast Food Folk Song”. However, it was the actions of the man taking their order that absolutely shocked viewers of this sensational clip!

Viral duo Rhett & Link casually drove up to the fast food order screen, promptly being asked by an employee what meals they’d like to enjoy! As Rhett began to strum his guitar, kicking off the folk performance, he sang,Iʼll start with a taco, soft like a cloud.” Link was quick to chime in, hysterically singing, I want mine crunchy, I like to eat loud!”

The two men sang their entire order, blowing fans away with their hilarious creativity and genuine talent! However, viewers were also noticing that the panel holding the men’s orders was continuously being updated, as if the employee was able to keep up with the men’s comical skit and meal order! 

As they wrapped up their performance, the employee asked, “Okay, can we repeat the order back to you?” Taken by surprise, the men encourage the young man to recite their order. Their jaws dropped when the employee recited their order just as they had sung it! “You’re pretty amazing,” Link told the employee.

While their order came out to a whopping $42.69, we’re sure this was an acceptable price to pay for viral fame and one heck of a memory! Be sure to watch the video below! 

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