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Missy Robertson Reveals How A Haircut Changed A Family Member's World

Missy robertson Songs | Missy Robertson Reveals How A Haircut Changed A Family Member's World | Country Music Videos
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If you've noticed a cute little pup in some of Missy Robertson's social media posts, you aren't alone!

Thanks to Missy's new blog post, we got to learn a little more about their family dog, Hazel Mae. 

One night last year, her family was getting together with Jessica and Jep's family. That's 8 kids, 4 adults, two dogs, a pig, and a bunch of chickens. 

In the middle of all the chaos with all the people, Jep and Jessica's son, River, accidentally stepped on Hazel's leg and broke it.

Hazel, who weighed all of three pounds, was in a cast for the next nine weeks so her leg could heal. In that time, they weren't allowed to take her to the groomer.

Being part Maltese and part Shitzu, Hazel's hair grew pretty fast. Her fur was growing longer and longer, and becoming knotted. 

"She just looked like a little rat," Missy writes.

Finally, after the nine weeks in the cast, they took her to get groomed, and everything changed.

"As soon as Hazel Mae came home, it was like she was a new dog. She ran around the house and yard like she was a wind-up toy that never wound down. She jumped up on the furniture, played with her toys, chased Mia around the house and acted like she was the happiest dog in the entire universe! She wags that fluffy little tail nonstop now. It’s amazing how just a couple of ounces of puppy hair can completely change her world!"

What a difference a haircut makes!

Have you ever experienced anything like this before? Missy writes that this can be translate into our own lives. Maybe something is holding us back, and we just need to "trim our hair" and face the challenge head on. 

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