Owner Films Pet Chicken Sneezing – Video Has Over 8 Million Views

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Squeak, a light Sussex bantam hen, did just that and a heck of a lot more when her beak got the best of her and one hysterical sneeze made her a viral sensation!

Bawking up a storm before letting out this stuffy sniffle, the fluffy little chick certainly captured a lot of attention in the moments leading up to this wild sensation not many have seen in their life!

Sitting comfortably in a doorway, Squeak was content and calm just before the sneeze attack that had folks worldwide splitting from laughter. As the bird’s breaths continued to grow louder, the suspense for the expected sneeze doubled as viewers sat anxiously!

Now, as you might expect, not every single chicken sneezes in the same way. Some are loud and shrill, while some are more cute and subdued, so we’ve pulled together some varying chicken sneezes before you witness this viral chicken and her peculiar own sneeze method!

Finally, the sneeze arrived as this hen let out a high pitched squeak and violently shook her body, ruffling her feathers and forming a hysterical crown around her head. As she regained her composure, the feathers drooped back into place and this bird took a peek around wondering what all the fuss was about!

You can watch this hilariously unexpected clip below – and share with us your own experiences with chickens hysterical sneezes!

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