Patrick Swayze And Chris Farley Make Hysterical Chippendale Debut In Iconic Skit

Patrick Swayze And Chris Farley Make Hysterical Chippendale Debut In Iconic Skit | Country Music Videos


Hilarious and simply lovable actor gone comedian Chris Farley had been treating fans and viewers to countless laughs since his Saturday Night Live debut back in 1990. Farley was most recognized for his hilarious personality and constant energy both during his routines and even into his private life. With the widely appreciated character eliciting the laughs he so often did, it was no surprise that he instantly became an SNL favorite. 

With only a mere handful of shows under his belt, Farley was given an iconic skit opportunity with triple threat dancer, actor, and singer/songwriter Patrick Swayze that would skyrocket his career and leave viewers in tears! 

The skit, set to Loverboy’s hit song “Everybody’s Working For The Weekend”, displays both Swayze and Farley partaking in a rigorous Chippendales dancing audition. The two men, both sporting (and unrobing) the exact same outfit, gave audience members and viewers a round of laughs with their rather raunchy and hysterical dance off, essentially capturing the comical side to the Chippendale initiation process. 

However, despite the relentless jokes this skit produced, it all shed light on very serious and discriminatory issues faced by those who are ridiculed and identified for their weight and appearance. 

Now often referred to as “the Chippendales sketch”, its content and hilarious choreography has deemed it one of SNL’s most memorable skits. Unfortunately, Farley was tragically found dead in December of 1997 from a drug overdose while Swayze sadly passed away in September of 2008 from a 20-month long battle with Pancreatic cancer. Their untimely deaths left their fans, family, and friends grief stricken, as now this skit is often watched to remember these vibrant characters whom now live on through their memorable laughs left behind. 

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