Patriotism Bleeds Through Trace Adkins’ Unplugged Performance Of ‘Still A Soldier’

Patriotism Bleeds Through Trace Adkins’ Unplugged Performance Of ‘Still A Soldier’ | Country Music Videos

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Back in March, Trace Adkins surprised his fans with the release of a new song off of his latest album, Something’s Going On. Titled “Still a Soldier,” the song falls right in line with Adkins’ other singles about the military, especially “Arlington.” 

Written by Phil O’Donnell and Wade Kirby, “Still a Soldier” aims to capture the feelings experienced by those who once served, but have since returned to civilian life. The song places its focus on a former soldier as he goes about his everyday tasks. 

Although the man is no longer in the military, he knows in his heart that he will always be a soldier. As Adkins sings, “He put away his gun and boots, but he still believes the American dream. ‘Til his last breath he’ll always be, a soldier.

The recorded version of “Still a Soldier” features a soft instrumental track behind Adkins’ voice. But during a show in February 2016, Adkins decided to take an even more personal approach when he opted to perform the song acoustically.

Before he started singing, Adkins declared that he was doing the song for his “friend Craig Morgan.” Those familiar with Morgan and his music know that he served active duty in the Army for nine years and served in the reserves for six and a half more.

With only the sound of his guitar and two others to back him up, Adkins poured patriotism into every note of “Still a Soldier.” The intimate arrangement drew more attention to Adkins, making his passion for the song and its subject all the more clear.

Tune in below to watch Adkins deliver his outstanding unplugged performance of “Still a Soldier.” If you’d like to hear the finished product, be sure to download a copy of Something’s Going On right here!

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