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Phenomenal Tribute To 'Older Ladies' Will Have You In A Laughing Fit

Classic country Songs | Phenomenal Tribute To 'Older Ladies' Will Have You In A Laughing Fit | Country Music Videos

To all the ladies out there feeling incredibly self-conscious about the inevitable aging process, this uplifting song of acceptance is exclusively written for you! While the phrase "age gracefully" is a lot easier said than done, one vivacious woman is embracing these essentially unwelcome aging phases with a vibrant beat and hilarious, yet extremely accurate, message! 

Donnalou Stevens, fully embracing all the ups and down the fabulous fifties has to offer, openly conveys that an older frame does not identify the youthful picture that it holds. Plainly speaking, Stevens isn't ashamed of the attributes of growing older! Rather, she continuously embraces them, publicly doing so in her viral upload that has attracted more than 13 million views!

Stevens, surrounded by various women of her age, directly addresses any future love prospects who are expecting a sixteen-year-old beauty queen to keep movin' along! She begins to delve into the unavoidable experience of aching feet and jiggling cellulite, confidently singing, 

"And if that's the reason that you don't love me, then maybe it's not love!" 

But Stevens doesn't stop there! She continues to recognize the various difficulties that affect the self-esteem of older women, including "saggy breasts" and chicken necks, all while encouraging women to clutch to these features as badges of time well served! 

"See, I'm no longer desperate! I'll only have a man if he has the smarts to see how hot that I still am," she says!

Complete with vibrant scenery and a classic yodeling sequence, Stevens without a doubt brings a smile to women of all ages. Because, whether you're sixteen or sixty, we will all experience that dreaded aging process. It's time we start embracing it rather than avoiding it! 

After all, it's about maintaining a youthful soul. As far as your age, you are merely twenty-years-old with years of experience! 

You can enjoy Stevens' incredibly funny video below! 

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