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Redneck Wannabe Baseball Player's Feature Video Will Have You In A Laughing Fit

Viral content Songs | Redneck Wannabe Baseball Player's Feature Video Will Have You In A Laughing Fit | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: The BOB & TOM Show Youtube

Donnie Baker knows he is destined for baseball as he confidently tells his cameraman, "I'm gonna be a pro-baseball player! I swear to God I am." Sporting his flowing hair tucked beneath his baseball cap and a pair of obscene animal print joggers, this man is a walking comedy show! 

"A lot of people think you get in your mid-30s and your career is over but, like I always say, 'until they stop scouting I ain't gonna stop playin'," he explains as he casually attempts to pick his wedgied underwear free. "The fact remains, I am probably the best player. I know that," he confidently says through his thick southern twang. 

Blaming his lack of a baseball career on his former little league coach who he swears held him back, Baker emotionally discloses that he had a full-ride scholarship to the University of Phoenix, although his sorrowful emotions got the best of him as he was unable to talk about the tragic opportunity that crushed his MLB dreams.

Baker is apparently full of skills! He has what he calls a "rubber arm", explaining, "I can throw right-handed for days and I can throw left-handed for days. I'm basically amphibious!" His hilarious mixup of the word "amphibious" for the adjective "ambidextrous" had us in tears, giving a completely different meaning to his throwing description! 

As if this video can't get any funnier, Baker gives us hilarious pointers on running to home plate for the coveted home run, admitting that his newly learned moved from the "Discount Karate" studio are just what he needs to take out the catcher and "break his karate artery"!

You'll have no shortage of laughs with this one! Check him out below! 

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