‘Redneck Waterslide’ Fail Will Have You Cringing With Laughter

Peter Klassen/ Youtube

Leave it to a redneck to either craft a homemade fix for a broken object or create an epic fail in the process that is bound to serve as a reason to laugh! In this case, our redneck of the hour didn’t have the best of luck when his at-home waterslide left the once eager man with an aching back and no words to sum up his experience. 

Taking to social media to showcase what was expected to be an epic leap off of his homemade contraption, the man put his face in his camera as he screeched, “This is the Redneck Waterslide!” 

As he ran out of the frame, he began to climb atop his porch in which he oddly fashioned to craft a less than sturdy platform covered in tarp. Just below his makeshift slide stood a filled kiddy pool, as the man was certain he would land directly into the small surface. His young kids stood beside the construction, yelling, “Go daddy,” eager for their father’s landing.

Without hesitation, the man leaped straight into the air and began to slide down the elevated, wooden platform. Unfortunately, just below the tarp, the obstruction was anything but fluidas the man’s body hit the following portion of the slide that rose higher than his ramp! Letting out a painful groan, the man curled up as he went bottom first into the shallow pool. 

Wading in the water on his side, the man continued to express his pain as his children stood by and cautiously waited for their father to shake it off and come up with a plan B! 

You can watch this cringe-worthy clip below!  

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