Relive Dixie Chicks’ 2002 “Landslide” Music Video

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The country group know as the Dixie Chicks has been taking the country music world by storm since their 1998 successful hits “There’s Your Trouble” and “Wide Open Spaces”. The band, originally composed of 4 members rather than the 3 we’ve grown accustomed to hearing, has won a striking number of 13 Grammy Awards since 2015 and an incredible amount of album sales stretching over 30 million.

While the band’s original song “Travelin’ Soldier” earned them outstanding recognition, their recreation of band Fleetwood Mac’s hit “Landslide” almost replicated the success of the original version previously released in 1975 on the album Fleetwood Mac. The song was said to have been written by singer Stevie Nicks while she was deeply inspired by her view of the great Rocky Mountains while in Colorado.

The country group assembled a vibrant music video for the iconic song, using various images and footage of breathtaking scenery in both rural and industrial settings. The video, featuring each of the three women, captures a calming sense of serenity amidst the endless nature-inspired features, as well as the explosively colored frames. While this music video is, in today’s era, considered a very profoundly created music video, it continues to captivate viewers eager to hear the inspiring hit. 

You can watch it below!

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