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Sadie Robertson Busts Out Hysterical Dance Moves In Post-Wisdom Tooth Surgery Video

Sadie robertson Songs | Sadie Robertson Busts Out Hysterical Dance Moves In Post-Wisdom Tooth Surgery Video | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: legitsadierob/Instagram

If you're a fan of Duck Dynasty, you know that one of the funniest and most iconic moments in the show's history is when Korie and Willie's son, John Luke, goes to the dentist.

He had some work done where they needed to put him under anesthesia, and when he woke up, he was saying the weirdest things and acting really crazy.

Well, it turns out that runs in the family, because after his younger sister Sadie had her wisdom teeth removed, she, too, had a hilarious reaction to the anesthesia.

Sitting in the front seat of her friend's car, Sadie began dancing to the music playing, which was Flo Rida's "Low". Since they were sitting at a stoplight, someone in a nearby car saw her crazy dance moves, and Sadie said, "This guy's looking at me! Stay in your lane!"

Her friend told her, "He probably thinks you're cute," and without hesitation, Sadie responded, "Probably...But I have a boyfriend!"

Shocked, her friend asked who her boyfriend is, but all that came out was complete jibberish. Seeing as she is single, this is extra funny. 

Watch the hysterical video below. 


the dentist does something extra to my family I'm convinced of it....... happy Monday everyone

A post shared by Sadie Robertson (@legitsadierob) on

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