Sassy Husky Throws Tantrum When Mom Won’t Turn On Bath Water

Sassy Husky Throws Tantrum When Mom Won’t Turn On Bath Water | Country Music Videos

One pooch was not pleased when his mommy refused to let him take a warm bath in substitution of his clearly dreaded walk! Zeus is definitely a huge fan of water, as he demonstrates by laying in the bathtub and whining to his mom who continues to encourage the feisty fur ball to get ready for a trip out!

“Come on, get out of the bathtub,” she pleas amidst the dog’s hilarious tantrum as he sprawls out in the tub and refuses to vacate! As his owner references his walk, the dog releases an incredibly loud, and ultra sassy, howl as he protests the idea and continues to stand his ground. 

A defeated Zeus’ howls grow louder as he hears the words “I’m not turning on the water”, letting his piercing shriek of disapproval be known! After a full minute of struggling to have his way, the husky is left to accept his loss as he hastily jumps from the tub and takes off in a statement of extreme upset. 

Watch the hilarious argument below! 

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