Secret Letter Witten By Elvis Revealed In Linda Thompson Interview

Secret Letter Witten By Elvis Revealed In Linda Thompson Interview | Country Music Videos

Former beauty queen, actress, and songwriter Linda Thompson has had quite the life experiences, to say the least. Not only was she previously married to a gold medalist, Bruce (Caitlin) Jenner and later to legendary musician and songwriter David Foster, but Thompson was also able to experience the one-and-only Elvis Presley. Being in a formal relationship with “The King” prior to his untimely passing, Thompson was granted first-hand information and opportunities in regards to the coveted musician and his lifestyle. 

Having recently written a tell all book titled “A Little Thing Called Life”, Thompson describes her past with the musical legend, both of their ups and downs throughout the relationship and beyond.

In an interview with Extra, Thompson openly read a private letter that she has held onto all these years and had yet to share it with the world.

“Nobody has ever, ever seen this, except me. But, um, I love Extra,” she says as she sifts through the letter. 

She continues on to read the emotional letter that directly addressed Linda, his former wife Priscilla, and others who had influenced Presley the way they did. The letter, serving more as a documented promise, “blesses people that he loves; his grandmother, his employees and…he closes with ‘As long as I shall live on this Earth, I solemnly swear with God’s help to try to bring joy and happiness through singing…'” 

You can watch the full interview below to hear Thompson’s reading of this letter by clicking on the video! 

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