Soldier Stuns Father-In-Law Mid Phone Call With Surprise Visit Home

Soldier Stuns Father-In-Law Mid Phone Call With Surprise Visit Home | Country Music Videos

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Emotions ran high and tears were streaming from one father-in-law when his daughter’s husband paid them a surprise visit after his deployment to Kuwait.

As the father-in-law walked through the door, he was engrossed in a phone conversation he had been partaking in long before his entrance.

“It’s gonna be a stiff deal though. I’m telling you that right now,” the dad said as he discussed business despite his daughter trailing him with her phone recording and at the ready.

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“Hey Dad, I need you to get off the phone,” she abruptly interjected.

Initially giving her a grin due to his belief that she was merely joking, his face soon turned serious when she repeated her demand in a much firmer tone. Holding the phone to his ear, the father followed the woman around the hallway corner, locking eyes with his son-in-law who had surprised the family with a trip home.

“Oh my God,” he cried, wiping the tears from his face while continuing to hold the phone to his ear. As he began to sob, he emotionally explained to his friend on the line that his “son” had come home from Kuwait and he needed to greet the missing piece of the family.

The men hugged one another before joking about their cooking fails and catching up on lost time.

Youtube / JNT0S

You can watch the emotional moment below.

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