Soldier Welcomed Home By Insanely Excited Cat Will Blow Your Mind

Soldier Welcomed Home By Insanely Excited Cat Will Blow Your Mind | Country Music Videos

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Videos of overly excited dogs welcoming home soldiers from deployment have become a viral trend the internet just can’t seem to get enough of. However, as heart-melting as they may be, one adorable fluffy cat may have just put them all to shame. 

The video begins with a furry feline pacing in front of a door, repeatedly meowing and crying as it impatiently waits for his owner’s arrival. As he wanders over to the woman recording the exciting event, the cat nuzzles up to the camera before being asked, “Do you hear him?” Scurrying over to the door, the cat remained still in preparation for the exciting moment.

As the door barges open, the cat stares at the soldier. Hesitant at first, the cat sniffs the soldier’s bag before leaping directly into his arms. Purring loudly  to express his happiness to have his owner finally home, the loving kitten snuggles with the man, not ready to let him leave his site just yet. 

Check out this unexpected reaction below!  

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