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'Southern Hallelujah' Offers A Well-Deserved 'Amen' To All The Southern Belles Out There

Trace adkins Songs | 'Southern Hallelujah' Offers A Well-Deserved 'Amen' To All The Southern Belles Out There | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Trace Adkins Facebook

Like any country boy, Trace Adkins is mighty proud of where he came from. Born and raised in Louisiana, you could say that he has a bit of Southern pride flowing through his veins. 

Adkins' Southern upbringing comes up in his music from time to time. His style has often been labeled as a blend between country and Southern rock, which has helped him appeal to a wider audience.

The content of Adkins' music also reflects his Southern upbringing. One song stands out in particular, his 2006 release "Southern Hallelujah."

"Southern Hallelujah" was released as the sixth track on Adkins number one country album, Dangerous Man. The same album also contained some of Adkins' biggest hits, including "Swing" and "Ladies Love Country Boys."

Since "Southern Hallelujah" was never released as a single, few people know anything about it. That's a shame, because it's such a fun song to listen to!

Filled with Adkins' signature sense of bravado, "Southern Hallelujah" serves as a form of high praise to the South's lovely ladies. Adkins compliments these southern belles throughout the song, saying how no other girls can compare:

"Georgia girls get you jumpin'.
Bama belles set hearts pumpin'.
Louisiana maids are somethin' with their sweet tea hospitality.
Mississippi ladies' mission,
Keep them Yankee boys a wishin'."

Go ahead and tune in to the audio clip of "Southern Hallelujah" below. Before you know it, you'll be shouting "amen!" along with Adkins!

A beautiful country gal is the star of the show in Adkins' latest single as well. While "Lit" covers many moments in life that can get you fired up, the main focus is on a pretty country girl with sizzlin' red lips.

If "Southern Hallelujah" was your cup of tea, then you'll drink "Lit" right up! You can catch its lyric video below, and once you're done, be sure to download the song here.

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