Steve Harvey Is Asked ‘Why Do White People Love Country Music?’ His Response? Priceless!

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There is a notion out there that country music is an exclusively “white” genre. But as any real country fan knows, that is not the case. Although not many minority artists have climbed to prominence in country music, those such as Charley Pride and Darius Rucker have broken down barriers for future talents such as Mickey Guyton and Tristan McIntosh

When it comes to country music’s fanbase, it’s much more diverse than people think. Country music has fans of all races and nationalities, and maintains strong support in other areas outside of the U.S. 

Still, there is no denying that many country fans are white, which is perhaps why it has been labeled as a genre for white people. During television personality and game show host Steve Harvey‘s “Ask Steve” segment of his talk show, one audience member wanted to know Harvey’s thoughts about why country music is so popular with white people.

The woman, who described herself as black and Filipino, said that her husband is white and he loves country music more than other genres. She explained that he has her listen to it every now and then, but that she just doesn’t like it, for two reasons.

The lyrics are too slow, depressing,” she said. “Always somebody died, dog died, mama died, dad died. And the beat, I can’t twerk, I can’t drop it down low and bring it back up.

After she explained why she can’t get into country music, she asked Harvey her question, “Why do white people love country music so much?

Harvey’s response was pure gold. He shared he is actually a fan of country music himself, and explained why he personally enjoys listening to it:

“I like the words. I like the lyrics. They’re lyrically correct songs. I like that about country music…This stuff be true, you know?”

Harvey went on to cite a few songs that he can connect to, including George Strait‘s “All My Ex’s Live in Texas.” Why is he able to connect to the song? Well, because one of his ex’s actually lives in Texas!

In closing, Harvey left the audience member with one final thought about country music, “Get your a– some George Strait and get on out there and learn how to two step!” he said, before showing off a few dance moves himself.

You can watch Harvey’s hysterical response to the audience member below! 

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