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Strangers Approach Mia & Missy Robertson At A Restaurant For Surprising Reason

Missy robertson Songs | Strangers Approach Mia & Missy Robertson At A Restaurant For Surprising Reason | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Missy West Robertson/Facebook

Duck Dynasty star Missy Robertson and her daughter, Mia, were road tripping to Dallas, Texas, from their hometown of West Monroe, Louisiana. The mother-daughter duo were heading to a very important doctor's appointment for Mia. 

She has a cleft lip and palate, so every doctor's appointment is a crucial one. With a long drive and anticipating a difficult appointment, the ladies just wanted to unwind at their favorite Tex-Mex restaurant in town.

After placing their order with their server, a couple Missy has never met before approached her table.

"As we ordered, a couple stopped at our table and thanked us for our stand for God on TV. They wished blessings on Mia's doctor's appt, [sic] and a good evening," Missy wrote on her social media accounts.

After eating their meal, Missy asked for the check, but to her surprise, it was paid by the couple who approached their table. 

"They said they appreciate what we stand for," Missy wrote. "After a couple of hard days, a long drive anticipating a trying time at the doctor tomorrow, encouraging words and some strangers' act of kindness truly lifted my spirits. What a better world this would be if we commended each other more for being vocal about our Savior. Life isn't always easy, but Jesus is Lord! A big thanks to that sweet family! You know who you are."

She ended the social media post by encouraging fellow Christians that there are "more of us out there than the media wants us to believe. Let's stand together for Christ!"

What an incredible act of kindness! Watch the two Godly ladies sing "Amazing Grace" below. 

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