Street Performer Stops People Dead In Their Tracks With Toe-Tappin’ Fiddle Solo

Street Performer Stops People Dead In Their Tracks With Toe-Tappin’ Fiddle Solo | Country Music Videos

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Want a guaranteed way to stop people dead in their tracks? Just learn how to play the fiddle like a pro! 

That’s what one Canadian street performer named Mack Jonsson learned when he started playing his fiddle for a group of passerbys. But many of those people stopped to listen to Jonsson play, and we bet they’re glad they did. 

One of the people who stopped to watch Jonsson filmed his performance and put the video on YouTube, and it attracted thousands of views in no time at all.

So what was the tune that Jonsson decided to play that had so many people mesmerized? It was actually a traditional tune, called “Reuben’s Train,” with the most popular arrangement being by the bluegrass quartet The Dillards.

From start to finish, Jonsson will leave you in awe with his ability to play the fiddle. He moves the bow back and forth so fast that if you blink it seems like you’d miss watching him play a dozen notes. 

People could be heard clapping along to the music as Jonsson played, and we can’t blame them. There’s something about the sound of a good fiddle that makes you want to clap your hands and tap your toes.

Not only does Jonsson know how to play the fiddle, but he can sing too! He shows off his singing skills throughout his performance, which lasts over five minutes.

Once Jonsson finished playing, people in the crowd that had gathered around him could be heard saying “wow!” We’re sure you’ll have the same reaction when you watch his fiddle solo below.

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