Super Bowl Commercial Reunites Deployed Soldiers With Families

Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial

It was the heartbreaking Hyundai commercial that stole hearts and essentially wrapped up perhaps one of the most exciting games of Super Bowl history. While Atlanta Falcons fans painfully accepted their defeat as New England Patriots supporters basked in yet another victory in 2017, the stadium was collectively brought to brimming emotion as a whole when a military-themed ad promoted love and unity.

The commercial slowly approached a U.S. Military Base located in Zagan, Poland, while the opening features read, “Millions of people just watched the Super Bowl. Which wouldn’t be possible without our troops. That’s why Hyundai made their Super Bowl a little better.”  

As we are quickly confronted with numerous military men and women enjoying the riveting game amidst cheers and laughs, three military members are taken into a separate room from their comrades. Sgt. Richard Morrill is heard speaking to the cameras, saying, “I’ve got my wife Emily, my 4-year-old daughter, Hadley,” explaining the difficulty that his deployment imposes on his role as both a husband and father.

Two more military members, SPC Erik Guerrero and CPL Trista Strauch, also explain their difficulties as deployed parents, admitting that missing out on key milestones in their children’s lives are extremely difficult.

Eventually, our three, special individuals are taken into fully enclosed room, taking a seat on a single chair located in front of a large screen. Immediately, the room fills with live footage of the Super Bowl game as the soldiers’ families are seen on a FaceTime video, allowing these military members to enjoy the biggest game of the year with their distant loved ones.  

Each soldier experiences their own moment of emotional upheaval as they are unable to hold back tears upon seeing their families! As the footage continues, Hyundai writes, “Watching the Super Bowl is amazing. Watching it with the ones you love is better.” 

Needless to say, this was one emotional reunion we’re positive these men and women will never forget. You can experience the heartwarming video below, and thank you to our military members and families for their service.

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