‘The Rock’ Has A Message For The Home Wreckers: ‘You Ain’t Woman Enough’

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Former wrestler and Hollywood heartthrob Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took on the ultimate role in the 2005 movie, Be Cool. Johnson crushed his female competition in a western-themed scene addressing the relentless homewreckers with unappreciated intentions to steal his man!

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Be Cool

The 2005 film, Be Cool, was a crime-comedy inspired by Elmore Leonard’s 1991 novel. The plot revolves around character Chili Palmer – played by John Travolta – who is a mobster trying to get his way into the music industry. As drama ensues throughout the film, Johnson’s character becomes more prevalent. Playing a gay Samoan bodyguard, his character brings even more humor to the storyline.

No Man Stealers Welcome Here

During the film, Johnson takes to a decorated set emulating a stereotypical southwestern scene complete with a rogue wagon wheel, a circling vulture, and a couple of ladies dressed as Native Americans. Dressed in a vibrant and silk red cowboy getup, Johnson recreates his own sassy rendition of Loretta Lynn’s “You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man).”

“I see the way y’all look at my man…Not today, not tomorrow, not yesterday! You ain’t woman enough! Uh-uh,” voices Johnson, channeling his inner Lynn attitude.

Accompanied by the women singing background vocals, Johnson gets into full character.

“Keep it up! Keep it up! Wait ’til this song is done! You’re gonna have 245 pounds of feminine ass-whooping,” he interjects amidst the comical performance.

Equipped with his charming smile and tenacious will, the unexpected cowboy intimidates his potential competition and discourages any woman from crossing the line into his acclaimed territory!

He finishes off the rowdy performance with a fierce “Blue Steel” look to the camera. It’s safe to say no one is going to be stealing his man after that!

Youtube / 2011TeamBringIt

Be sure to check out the hilarious video below!

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