These 25 Redneck Inventions and Life Hacks Will Have You Rolling With Laughter

These 25 Redneck Inventions and Life Hacks Will Have You Rolling With Laughter | Country Music Videos

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What ain’t broke don’t need fixin’, right? Looks like these rednecks took their fixin’ to a whole new level when they used their undeniable creativity and nearby resources to make their daily lives a bit easier! Who said one man’s trash couldn’t be another man’s new contraption? 

The video jumps right into the redneck theme with a shower head make from an empty Natural Ice beer can and “properly” fastened with a wad of duct tape! Seems a bit extreme, right? Y’all don’t know what extreme is until you’ve viewed the leisure hammock made entirely out of duct tape! 

Growing in hilarious content and unbelievable inventions, we witness it all from a hefty chain and lock to secure a car door all the way to porcelain toilets creatively made to double as flower beds for an up and coming garden! We can’t make this stuff up y’all! 

One man definitely snagged the more useful concept of the inventions, however, when he crafted a little something to assist in those pesky pool games that can sometimes seem endless! Attaching a scope from a rifle onto his pool cue, the genius man increased his accuracy and bad ass factor with this little addition that had us in tears!

Check out the video compilation below! 

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