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This Easy-To-Follow 'Dueling Banjos' Tutorial Will Have You Pickin' Like A Pro

Classic country Songs | This Easy-To-Follow 'Dueling Banjos' Tutorial Will Have You Pickin' Like A Pro | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: JoffLowson YouTube Channel

Whenever people think "banjo," their first thought likely drifts to the iconic scene in the movie Deliverance, in which two characters engage in "Dueling Banjos." The song has been around for decades, but shot to popularity after it appeared in Deliverance

Due to its popularity, "Dueling Banjos" is a song that many aspire to learn. However, some people feel intimated by its fast pace, which stops them from ever giving it a shot.

But now, anyone can learn how to play "Dueling Banjos" thanks to a helpful video tutorial by UK musician Joff Lowson. The tutorial is so easy to follow that you can learn how to play "Dueling Banjos" even if you've never touched a banjo before!

In the eight-minute video, Lowson breaks down each of the parts step by step. He focuses on the up and down lick from the beginning of the song, showing you how it's done by playing it several times in a row.

Then, Lowson really zeroes in on the part by showing you a close-up shot of his hand. He tells you exactly which notes to play, and by watching the zoomed-in view, you'll quickly be able to pick up on them.

Lowson makes sure to start off at a slow pace in his tutorial, giving you the chance to absorb everything you're learning. He picks things up at the end of the video, and you'll eventually be able to follow along with him without any trouble at all!

The other thing that makes Lowson's video helpful to beginners is the amount of repetition he puts into it. He doesn't just play the part once and then expect you to have it done. Instead, he plays it a few times in a row, giving you the chance to feel comfortable with it before moving on.

So what are you waiting for? If you've always wanted to learn how to play "Dueling Banjos" then this video is for you!

Once you watch this, you'll be well on your way to becoming an expert banjo player!

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