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Three Cats Watching A Bird Get The Unexpected Scare Of Their Lives

Three Cats Watching A Bird Get The Unexpected Scare Of Their Lives | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Youtube/billiebersamira

While eagerly watching a bird on the other side of the screen door of their home, these three cuddly cats get the unexpected scare of their lives!

In a fashion similar to the relationship of Tweety Bird and Sylvester, the feline trio stalk a small bird outside the door as their prey. Forgetting that they aren't quite at the top of the food chain, the cats let their guard down long enough for a bigger fish in their small sea to enter the scene. 

A fluffy white dog sneaks up behind the unsuspecting scaredy cats and practically frighten the fur off their backs. The dog slinks up stealthily before pouncing on them with a powerful bark causing them to launch into the air with the middle cat flying full force into the screen door. 

The dog then excitedly dances around as the cats scatter before running up to the camera in celebration of his victory. Dog: 1, cats: 0. 

Watch the hilarious video below and prepare to laugh uncontrollably. 

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